Finance and Administrative Manual

Updated as of September 10, 2011

Cover Page

FAM 1.0 Introdution and Authorization

FAM 2.0 Table of Contents

FAM 3.0 Good Governance Conditions

FAM 4.1 Recruitment, Selection and Placement

FAM 4.2 Hiring of Level II- Managerial Position

FAM 4.3 Issuance of Appointments and Other Personnel Actions

FAM 4.4 Career Pathing 4.0

FAM 4.5 Code of Conduct and Ethical Standard 


FAM 4.7 Merit Selection System

FAM 4.8 Training and Development

FAM 4.9 Employee Benefits and Welfare

FAM 4.10 Rewards and Recognition

FAM 4.11 Employee Discipline

FAM 4.12 Handling of Grievances

FAM 4.13 Employee Health and Wellness Program

FAM 4.14 Employee Separation

FAM 4.15 Personnel Reportorial Requirements

FAM 4.16 Personnel Records or Files Management

FAM 4.17 Service Records Request and Releasing

FAM 4.18 Request for Records

FAM 5.1 Procurement Process

FAM 5.2 Requisition and Issuance of Inventory Items and PPE

FAM 5.3 Receipt, Inspection, Acceptance and Recording of Inventory Items and Equipment

FAM 5.4 Storage, Safekeeping and Inventory Taking

FAM 5.5 Disposal of Government Properties

FAM 5.6 Lost, Stolen, Damaged or Destroyed Property

FAM 5.7 Evaluation of External Providers

FAM 6.1 Reproduction Services

FAM 6.2 Use of Vehicles, Equipment and Facilities

FAM 6.3 Janitorial Services

FAM 6.4 Preventive Maintenance

FAM 6.5 Corrective Maintenance

FAM 6.6 Security Services

FAM 6.7 Messengerial Courier Services

FAM 7.1 Disaster Risk and Reduction Management

FAM 7.2 Handling of Insurance

FAM 7.3 Bonds for Accountable Official


FAM 7.5 Senior Citizen and PWD Program

FAM 8.1 Budget Preparation

FAM 8.2 Budget Execution, Monitoring and Reporting

FAM 9.1 Disbursement Process

FAM 9.2 Payroll and Remittances

FAM 9.3 Cash Advance

FAM 9.4 Financial Reporting

FAM 9.5 Bank Recon

FAM 10.1 Petty Cash Fund Management

FAM 10.2 Preparation and Release of Payment

FAM 10.3 Collection and Deposit

FAM 11.0 Consolidation and Submission of Financial Reports

FAM 12.1 Online Publication of Information Materials and Social Media Management

FAM 12.2 Information Technology Management

FAM 12.3 Backup and recovery

FAM 13.1 Records Management

FAM 14.0 Limited Practice of Profession

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