The Guidance and Counseling Unit (GCU) upholds the important role of integrative, pragmatic, and therapeutic alliance in the improvement of student well-being. We establish this alliance through providing continuing psychosocial support to students especially in these difficult and uncertain times. During the onset of Covid19 pandemic last March 2020, GCU began to offer a Remote Psychosocial Support (RPSS) among the scholars. The e-Appointment and e-Referral Form is intended for PSHS-CRC scholars, teachers and parents for convenient access of the forms and to provide timely counseling service to our clients. Moreover, the e-appointment and e-referral forms in GCU is to help mitigate the spread of CoVid-19 by using paperless appointment and referral.

To avail of the services of the guidance and counseling unit, the student/parent/teacher/staff may access the following links:

If the student wish to talk with the counselor regarding his/her concerns, he/she may set an appointment through this link:

And if you're worried about your friend/student/advisee’s mental health, you may refer him/her through  this link: