This activity is an opportunity for PSHSCRC to present to the new Secretary of DOST, Secretary Fortunato T. dela Penã,  the concurrent infrastructure projects. The PSHSCRC has the following infrastructure projects, with the budget of one hundred eighty eight million (Php 188M) from 2014-2016 under the flagship of the Department of Science and Technology to accommodate and provide academic venue to the brilliant youth of Caraga Region. The site will house 540 DOST-PSHS Scholars from Grades 7-12. This will also be a venue for the DOST Secretary to assess the movements of the campus’ projects and the growth of PSHSCRC. The activity was also an avenue where which DOST key officials were able to assess and verify the ongoing implementation and improvements of the construction.




This is also to support the projects of DOST, implemented throughout the region and witness the scientific and technological breakthroughs in the outskirts of Caraga. - Vonna Vejle V. Ahon