A beautiful morning, Pisay Caraga family!

Join us as we give honor and tribute to our Faculty and Staff in celebration of the World Teachers' Day and Faculty and Staff Day 2021.

Pisay Caraga will always be grateful for your hard work, sacrifices and diligent efforts in the crucial stages of the COVID-19 pandemic. Your services and contributions to education are acknowledge and your role and importance for the development of our scholars are appreciated.

Happy Teachers Day!.

PSHS-CRC would like to congratulate Elan Victoria G. Tomaneng and Jehan Dave D. Martinez both Grade 9 Scholars for winning the Bronze Medal in the recently held 17th International Mathematics Competition - Singapore. Your PSHS-CRC Family is proud of you!


"Beautiful day, Scholars!
How are we feeling? Happy? Excited? Kinda nervous? Anxious? Worry NOT! To give you more time to prepare and to know what to prepare, kindly refer to the photo below for the motion of our debate for the following respected rounds.
See you there!"


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